Did you know? A College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank Honors Savings account is great for matured CDs and money to be used for college expenses in 1-year or less.

The Honors Savings Account:

  • Is one of the highest yielding FDIC-insured savings accounts within the 529 industry.
  • NO FEES.
  • Tax advantaged earnings grow tax-free and qualified distributions are tax-free.
  • Features a State income tax deduction or state tax credit based on contributions to one of our 529 programs.
  • Offered without enrollment fees, annual fees or other expenses that may erode your college savings.
  • Contact a Client Service Representative at 1-800-888-2723, Monday – Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time.
  • We can contact you via email or with a phone call. Learn More>>


5-Year Increase in College Costs1 (Tuition & Fees)

Year  Public 2-Yr
Public 4-Yr
Public 4-Yr
Private 4-Yr
Private 4-Yr
2013-14 $3,241 $8,885  $22,223 $30,131 $15,040
2014-15 $3.347 $9,139 $22,958 $31,231 $15,230
2015-16 $3,435 $9,410 $23,893 $32,405 $15,610
2016-17  $3,520 $9,650 $24,930 $33,480 $16,000
2017-18 $3,570 $9,970 $25,620 $34,740      -



  1. Average published charges for full-time undergraduates. Trends in College Pricing published by the College Board, Annual Survey of Colleges (www.collegeboard.org). Prices are not adjusted for inflation. 



  1. National average savings account rate based upon data published by the FDIC. National rates are calculated based on a simple average of rates paid (uses annual percentage yield) by all insured depository institutions and branches for which data are available. Rate Watch gathers data used to calculate the national rates. Savings and interest checking account rates are based on the $2,500 product tier. The deposit rates of credit unions are not included in the calculation. www.fdic.gov/regulations/resources/rates/



For more information, view the Honors Savings Account Terms and Conditions.