InvestorSure CD Rates
InvestorSure CD Rates

InvestorSure CD Rates

InvestorSure Rates - February 2019 Maturity

Interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY) are not determined until maturity of the InvestorSure CD. While historical rates of return are never a guarantee of future performance - if InvestorSure CDs were available, the previous 80 maturing CDs (ending May 1, 2014) would have produced an average APY of 3.40%. Investments held to maturity will also receive at least 70 percent of the average increase in the S&P 500 (based on a formula1).

InvestorSure CD: 20- 10- and 5-Year Historical Rates2 of Return with Avg. APY at 70%
Issue Date Range Maturity Date Range No. of CDs Avg. APY of Every Maturing CD Over Date Range
8/1/1989-5/1/2009 8/2/2004-5/1/2014 80 3.40%  
8/2/1999-5/1/2009 8/2/2004-5/1/2014 40 1.33%
8/2/2004-5/1/2009 8/3/2009-5/1/2014 20 1.16%


  1. InvestorSure CDs will pay, based on a formula, between 70 and 100% of the increase in the S&P 500 at maturity; featuring a calculated average of 20 quarterly measurement points throughout the term of the CD. The averaging further protects your investment from wide swings in the S&P 500 as your investment approaches maturity. The current participation rate is 70%.
  2. The InvestorSure CD was introduced to the market on February 1, 2008. Historical analysis is purely hypothetical and applies the current product upside payment formula to a period of time in which the product was not available. 

For more information, view the InvestorSure CD Terms and Conditions.