Fixed Rate CD Overview

Offered with all of the features and tax benefits of a 529 college savings plan, IRA or ESA; College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank Fixed Rate CDs include only 1-, 2- and 3-year options.



Benefits of Fixed Rate CDs:


  • Issued exclusively by College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank.
  • FDIC-insured to at least $250,000 for amounts held in the same right and capacity.
  • NO FEES.
  • Offered in our 529 programs, IRA or ESA tax sheltered plans.
  • Offered directly to all U.S. residents.
  • State tax-deductible for residents of Montana and Arizona through our 529 Plans as well as residents of Maine, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Missouri. 
  • Affordable with multiple deposit options.



Our CDs are designed for families that already know what is important. Many other investments can lose value and leave your child's college education, or your retirement underfunded. At maturity, you can use the funds to pay qualified higher education expenses, re-invest in another of our CD products, or move the funds to another plan until your child is ready to pay for school.

Select the Rates tab to view current rates now! To lock in the posted CD rate, you must Enroll Online. If you prefer to mail in an Enrollment Form and check to fund the CD, it will be opened at the highest available rate for the term selected when your check is received. Call 1-800-888-2723 to submit your application over the phone.






For more information, view the Fixed Rate CD Terms and Conditions.


* The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) generally insures, with respect to each FDIC-insured institution, deposit accounts that are held in the same right and capacity up to the maximum amount set by federal law, currently $250,000. An account owner’s interest in the insurable balance of a College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank CD account is insured by the FDIC on a pass-through basis, together with any other deposit accounts the account owner holds at College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank, in the same right and capacity, up to the maximum amount.



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