CollegeSure Rates

CollegeSure CDs pay interest each year they remain outstanding at a variable interest rate equal to the prior July 31 college inflation rate, as measured by the College Board's Independent College 500® (IC500) Index change less an issue margin determined at the Contribution Date. The variable interest rate will be subject to a maximum rate (or cap) which is also determined at the Contribution Date. The interest rate will be reset on July 31 each year based on the change in the IC500 Index and the interest rate cap. The College Inflation Rate is 3.25%, as of July 31, 2016.

CD Term Issue Margin
Interest Rate Cap 1st Year APY* Maximum Interest Rate*
Less than 3 years 2.52% 3.00%  0.73% 3.73%
3 years or more,
yet less than 5 years
1.94% 3.00% 1.31% 4.31%
5 years and over
1.47%  3.00%  1.78% 4.78%

*APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is accurate as of [Date:Now|MMMM dd, yyyy]. Any interest rate change will become effective after 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Rates are subject to change and may change without notice.

Account Owners will receive the published issue margin and interest rate cap on the Contribution Date. To lock in a posted margin and interest rate cap, you must open and fund your account online with a minimum investment of $250. If you prefer to mail in a check to fund the CD, the account will be opened at the issue margin and interest rate cap for the term selected on the Contribution Date. Enroll online, mail in an enrollment form or call 1.800.888.2723 for assistance.

For more information, view the CollegeSure CD Terms and Conditions.